Search Engine Optimization

Lock down prime real estate online to ensure that your business is seen by all potential clients.


Rank Higher on Search Engines

Get the Most out of Your Website

Every second, over 50,000 online searches are conducted. About 10% of these searches are for small businesses. This means that approximately 5,000 searches are made every second for a small business like you. Your positioning within search results has a drastic effect on how many of these clicks you will get. SEO will move you up the ranks and bring you more traffic than ever before.

Make It a Friendly Site

SEO is also about improving user experience. A fast and well- organized website with quality content decreases click-out rates and increases time spent on your site, which in turn improves your search ranking.

We’re here to help.

Most companies will try to convince you to spend thousands of dollars each month on SEO. For some large businesses, that may be necessary, but for most small businesses it’s not. We will provide you SEO within your budget. You are free to scale up at your own pace.

What You Get

Generate And Upload Sitemap

Tells search engines which URLs on a website are available for crawling

Add robot.txt With Sitemap Index Directives

Tells search engines how to crawl and index the website’s content

Personalized Search Term Strategy

Add/modify content and/or site structure to implement personalized search term strategy

Google Webmaster Tools Submission

Provides access to SEO and indexing data

Install SEO Plugins

Time to Engage

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